Primal Carnage wants you to Get to the Chopper in free DLC

Primal Carnage T-rex

Lukewarm Media announced today the first DLC for its outrageous multiplayer dino-thon Primal Carnage , craftily titled "Get to the Chopper," breaks out of its cage later this month. Presumably lacking musclebound Austrians politely reminding you to board flying contraptions naow , Get to the Chopper nevertheless adds a new mode for hungry, hungry dinosaurs and tiny, tiny humans to roar and Wilhelm scream at each other, respectively.

Like Left 4 Dead, Get to the Chopper tasks humans with barreling down a linearly constructed path to an awaiting chopper at the end. Instead of special infected, the opposing team fields a dino defense in the hopes of stopping escapes by way of impromptu human snacks. The mode's design certainly affords great tug-of-war moments through ambushes and coordination, especially during the last panic-filled moments of the homestretch after locking sights on your escape. Unlike Left 4 Dead, dinosaurs aren't as smelly as zombies. We think.

Omri Petitte

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