Prey—Mooncrash Blue Moon update adds KASMA weapons, operators, propeller beanie hats

Prey's Mooncrash expansion—an entertaining, curious spin on the roguelite genre that isn't for everyone—has rolled out its second free update. Named Blue Moon, it adds four KASMA-themed weapons, three new operator skins, two hats for your mimic pets, obviously, and a host of bug fixes. 

Because who doesn't want a bucket hat or a propeller beanie for their mimic pet, eh? 

Those stylish stalkers also feature in the trailer at the top of the page, as do Blue Moon's new trinkets. Look out for KASMA-endorsed variations of the Huntress Boltcaster, the Disruptor Stun Gun, the Silenced Pistol and the Pschostatic Cutter—the latter of which looks pretty swish. On the operators front, expect new Wolfenstein, Elder Scrolls Online, and Save the Typhon GDQ-themed skins.

Blue Moon's list of bug fixes are housed within its patch notes, but it's worth noting the "perma-bastard" Moonshark will no longer remain on fire while underground. Which makes the encounter sound even more onerous than before. Bloody hell. 

"In each of these update bundles you’ll receive brand-new skins for your weapons, Operators and Mimics," explains Bethesda in this blog post. "And this isn’t the end of the freebies; even more Mooncrash updates are on the horizon. The next will be available in just a couple of weeks, and the much-anticipated Typhon Hunter multiplayer update comes later this summer."

More information on Prey—Mooncrash's Blue Moon update can be read here