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Prey trailer features female Morgan

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Remember the Prey trailer that surfaced at QuakeCon earlier this year—you know, the one that sort of echoed Alien: Isolation and System Shock 2, and also demonstrated the value of turning into a coffee cup? Well, Bethesda has re-released it, this time with the female variation of protagonist Morgan Yu in charge.   

It's aptly/cringingly named 'Another Yu' and showcases slightly different animations and of course a new voiceover. Female Morgan is also equally as capable of transforming into a coffee cup and slinking through tight and otherwise impossible to navigate spaces. Which is good to know.  

Although not present face-on in the there, the thumbnail above appears to portray concept artwork of female Morgan Yu—who, like her male counterpart, will have a range of customisable options come full release.

Due next year, this variation of Prey is nothing to do with the original game, however I've become increasingly impressed with the scant footage we've seen so far. It's set in a world where US president John F. Kennedy survived too, which is an interesting premise to craft a game around, and its neo-deco interiors look really cool.