Prey for the Gods slays Kickstarter goal

What is it about giant godlike monsters that makes people want to clamber all over them? Maybe it's the fur (they just look so cuddly), or maybe it's the strange desire to wipe these monsters from the Earth, so that loved ones might resurrect, or an endless Winter might dissipate, saving mankind. The Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Prey for the Gods goes for the second one, which I suppose is a worthwhile reason, and if you've been following its funding campaign you'll be pleased to hear that the game has just reached its Kickstarter goal.

$300,000 was quite a low amount to ask for such a game, so perhaps it's not surprising that Prey for the Gods has succeeded, but I'm glad that it now has a greater chance of existing, than if the Kickstarter campaign had failed to gain any traction. I'm not sure that 10 days is enough time for it to reach the later stretch goals that would add extra bosses beyond the five that have been promised, but the ones for additional animations and more weapons/armour seem doable.

December 2017 is the estimated release date.

Tom Sykes

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