PowerColor added a 3-month extension to expiring warranties so you can stay at home

(Image credit: PowerColor)

Following in MSI's footsteps, PowerColor is extending product warranties set to expire between now and June, giving users three extra months of coverage. The grace period is intended to make it easier for people to social distance themselves, rather than having to head out to a shipping center to return a defective product before the warranty period elapses.

"With the global crisis of Covid-19, we understand that these are critical times for everyone. This has impacted all aspects of our lives, and we understand that during these times, priorities are placed on more health-concerned matters. Many in the process of RMAs may find difficulty in shipping out cards for repair or service at this time, so we will be adding a 3-month extension to customers with warranties expiring between March through June 2020," PowerColor announced on its website.

"PowerColor remains committed to delivery great products and services to our customers, and want to assure that we will continue to do so during these trying times," it added.

PowerColor's extension appears a bit more flexible than the one MSI announced two weeks ago. MSI said it was extending warranties by two months on its desktop PCs and all-in-one computers, motherboards, PC cabinets and cases, and monitors, but not on graphics cards. Users must also be enrolled in MSI's Rewards Program.

In contrast, PowerColor does not seem to be excluding any of its products or attaching any caveats. PowerColor mainly sells graphics cards, but also offers an external GPU enclosure and a sound card.

It's a thoughtful gesture, though at the same time, users who find themselves with a defective graphics card may not have the luxury of waiting to initiate an RMA. It really just depends on whether they can get by with integrated graphics or a backup GPU, or a secondary PC, if any of those are options.

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