Portal: After Hours mod Episode 1 launched on Steam Workshop (Updated)

Update: ABNTGeneric's Portal: After Hours mod has now launched its first episode to the Portal 2 Steam Workshop

As noted in our original story below, After Hours aims to recapture the story-lite "simplicity" of the original Portal, while providing players with tougher puzzles than those featured in its sequel. 

Episode 1 comes with 14 levels, which creator ABNTGeneric provides a short commentary for on each mission's page. The mod's Twitter account has also spent the past few weeks teasing screens and gifs of what to expect, which are worth checking out in full.  

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Episode 2 of After Hours is due at some point "this winter". Creator ABNTGeneric then plans to launch the mod in full early next year. Our original story follows—including a trailer of the mod in motion.  

Original story: 

After writing about the 20-map, 30-puzzle-boasting Destroyed Aperture earlier this month, I've had a hankering for Portal 2 mods. After a wee fumble around ModDB, the latest to catch my eye is Portal: After Hours—a " one man passion project" that plans to launch its first episode on August 15, 2018. 

Designed to recapture the story-lite "simplicity" of the original Portal, After Hours aims to give players "much harder puzzles that cater to long-term Portal fans first," so says creator ABNTGeneric. 

They add: "New and improved testing elements will be present throughout the game, including, but not limited to, modified versions of existing community made fizzlers. There will be multiple original characters, voice acting, and a cohesive story line that fits snugly into the existing Portal universe."

ABNTGeneric explains the project will be split into two parts—the first, as noted above, is due next month; the second is due at some point "this winter"—before the full mod is released for free on Steam in early 2019.  

Here's a trailer: 

And some screens:

After Hours' Twitter page houses some cool work-in-progress stuff too, such as single puzzles and in-development designs. Here are some of those:

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Again, Portal: After Hours' first episode is due on August 15. More information lives on its ModDB page.