Portal 2 competition winner announced. Sad sock dude takes first place

Portal 2 Video Competition Thumbnail

You've completed Portal 2 by now right? No? Ridiculous. Go and finish it off now...

What an ending eh? What a tune. But sadly, "Exile, Vilify" - the track by The National that sounds during the Portal 2 end credits - didn't get released with its own music video. To compensate, Valve set up a competition which attempted to correct the oversight. They promised an Eastwood guitar signed by The National and "the ultimate box of schwag" to the person who created the best video to represent the song. 320 people entered and the winning entry is embedded below.

Valve say judging the competition was a nightmarish job. Especially when they got down to the best two videos on offer. In fact, it was so tricky, they gave up and lumped all responsibility on The National themselves to pick the winner. At least they presented similar prize bundle (minus the guitar but plus an Aperture 2 bag signed by the Portal 2 team) to the runner up for their work.

First place went to this moving, sock-focused piece:

And 1.00000000001th place went to this more Portal 2-focused piece of animation.

Second place is also worthy of a watch, but contains less pure sock action.

Which was your favourite? I go with The National's choice.

If this has all got you in the mood for more Portal 2-themed songs, download the soundtrack for free. Alternatively, revisit one of this year's best armed with our secrets guide .