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Popular board game Gloomhaven enters Early Access

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Gloomhaven, the most highly rated game on BoardGameGeek (opens in new tab), is a dungeon-crawler with a campaign that involves playing multiple games then opening secret envelopes containing new rules, placing stickers on the board that reflect your actions, and generally evolving it over the course of a campaign. It's a bit like Risk Legacy or the many games like it. 

The videogame version, being published by Asmodee Digital, is now in Early Access (opens in new tab). The current version lets you play in a roguelike Adventure Mode with a selection of four characters, basically testing out its combat. There's also a new weapon durability rule just for this mode that simulates wear and tear on your gear. 

Developers Flaming Fowl say it will be in Early Access for "at least 9-12 months as we want to work side by side with the community to create more new features and unique content, including that which doesn’t already exist within the board game."

Campaign Mode and multiplayer co-op will come with the full launch.

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