PopCap founder's next game is a Friday the 13th puzzler about grids and cartoon murder

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I can't decide whether Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is cute or horrifying. Its voxel-based design and exaggerated cartoonish characters seem completely innocent until masked killer Jason Voorhees comes along and shoves a kebab skewer through somebody's skull.  

It's from Blue Wizard Digital, a developer that was set up by Jason Kapalka, co-founder of PopCap (Peggle, Plants vs Zombies). Blue Wizard made Slayaway Camp (opens in new tab) in 2016, which was about moving a murderer around a grid based map and splattering the blood of scared counselors by plotting the most efficient route possible. The main mechanic was that you moved in one direction at a time, and kept going until you hit an object. You could then move in a different direction. So you had to plan your route carefully, often backtracking until you had the perfect line of attack to finish the puzzle.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzler looks to be the same deal, only it's got the official movie license. That means you get to unlock lots of different Jasons: Aqua Jason, Apocalypse Jason, Uber Jason—they're all here. You'll steer his various forms through more than 100 levels, including Manhattan high rises and high-security prisons, and the game promises that you'll have access to a huge range of grotesque killing instruments. 

The game is out on April 13 on Steam (yup, it's a Friday). Here are a few screenshots:

Oh, and to give you a sense of what gore in this game looks like, here's the aforementioned kebab skewer kill. It might just ruin your appetite.

Samuel Horti

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