Plot out the rest of your summer with this Stardew Valley island farm mod

Stardew Valley mod - Hidden Spirit Cove Farm
(Image credit: Concerned Ape | Modded by EXBLASTER)

Most modded Stardew Valley farms are all about increasing acreage and maximizing efficiency, but modder Exblaster has gone a totally different route with this island getaway farm map. If you need something new while we wait for more information on the next Stardew Valley update, this laid-back ocean-side property may help you relax. Rather than a countryside locale perfect for planting corn, this beach farm is covered in cliffs on the north and dotted with palm trees. 

There are only a few places on the Hidden Spirit Cove map that look well-suited to rows of crops. But that's okay, because this island looks primed for relaxation. So you're better off planting some crops in your greenhouse rather than spending hours tilling the sand on the beach. 

But a cozy island isn't all that grandpa left you in this mod. "Attached to his will, you found a snippet saying his grave will bring you closer to his domain in the spirit world." Apparently interacting with your grandpa's shrine will teleport you to a hidden cove in another realm. Sunny and spooky.

Stardew Valley mod - Quiet Basin Farm

(Image credit: Concerned Ape | Modded by EXBLASTER)

This is Exblaster's second custom farm map on Nexus. You can also try out the Quiet Basin Farm which has a similar style-over-space approach. After over 200 hours playing Stardew Valley, I don't know that I need perfectly proportioned farm plots as much as a fresh new perspective on the valley. The quiet basin map even has an underground tunnel system for traversing the huge farm, as all of the streams and bridges breaking up the area can make getting around a chore. 

Exblaster is apparently on a roll, as they've posted a poll to vote on what the theme of their next custom farm map should be. Give it a vote and keep an eye out for more funky farms in the future. 

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