PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds targets November launch for vaulting mechanics

As you probably noticed at the time, we dropped a host of exclusives at this year's PC Gaming Show at E3. And yet one of the  show's most anticipated features was vaulting mechanics in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG mastermind Brendan Greene made the announcement on stage and promised players would soon be able to vault objects like cars, walls, fences and containers. Via this Steam post, Bluehole has now outlined how the mechanics are coming along, and when we might expect to see them in-game.  

"We are aware that many players have been looking forward to trying it out," reads the post. "Our vaulting system is not built on predefined objects or locations in the map. There are tens of thousands of objects that should be vaultable or climbable in Erangel. 

"To perform the action, the geometry and properties of each object have to be dynamically detected and analyzed. The algorithm is quite complex and requires rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map."

The post continues: "Testing it for only a couple of days before deployment on the Live servers won’t be enough for us to identify all bugs and side effects. Therefore, we are planning to test it for a longer period of time in early November. 

"If needed, we may roll it out on test servers for a certain amount of time even before November. Until then, we will be working on the feature internally. Please stay tuned for an update on the testing schedules for vaulting."

Despite mention of November above, Bluehole has released features ahead of time in the past. I wouldn't put it past it to jump the gun here.  

Whenever vaulting does arrive in PUBG, though, will it look as majestic as this?

I guess we'll find out either way in the next couple of months.