PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds announces 'Fix PUBG' campaign

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp has announced 'Fix PUBG', a campaign designed to, well, fix the battle royale. The initiative casts its net wide as it targets performance, matchmaking, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more.    

"Fix the game," reads this Steam Community update. "This is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Since we released PUBG as an Early Access game last year, the game has grown exponentially, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have millions of incredibly passionate players like you. However, we haven’t always been able to meet your expectations. Simply put, the game still has many unresolved issues.

"The bottom line is, you’re the reason for our success. You’ve stuck with us, and now it's time for us to deliver the fixes you've been asking for."

Having launched a dedicated website—which contains a roadmap, a fix log and an FAQ—the developer says it will be "entirely focused" on bug fixes, "fundamental" performance issues and "long-needed" quality of life improvements. PUBG Corp doesn't indicate how long the campaign will last, but does promise transparency for the duration. 

It continues: "Throughout this campaign we’ll share specifics about what we’re working on and the expected time it’ll take to address the issues. Then we’ll deliver on our promises."

Despite its success, PUBG's Steam overall review score, at the time of writing, sits at Mixed. Its recent tally, which totals 21,352, sits at Mostly Negative. A cursory glance shows that even those who recommend the game feel it could be 'fixed', as it were.  

Fix PUBG first aims to improve its recently implemented limb penetration system, and plans to add a "sharpening" graphics setting, the ability to mute teammates in-game, the ability to adjust FPS caps, and quality of life improvements to colourblind mode among other things

In other PUBG news, its latest PC 1.0 Update #19 is now live. Full patch notes can be found here