Play with PC Gamer: Join our EU guild in The Old Republic!

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Aspiring Sith Lords from North America have somewhere to go - PC Gamer US has already established the biggest guild in their region, way before The Old Republic is even released. Coconut Monkeys is still recruiting, so sign up asap.

But what if you're going to be playing from Europe? Thankfully, The Old Republic is the game to break Rich. He has completely forgotten about his life-long, self-enforced MMO ban and nominated himself to be the "Ultimate Lord and Master" of The PC Gamer Mint Imperials . Don't worry, he's nowhere-near as aggressive as he looks in his profile pic .

But what if you want to play as the Republic when Bioware's MMO gets released later this year? I asked Rich to comment: "Republican scum will be dealt with in a manner that I see fitting," he cackled. "Imply that I'll kill them, basically."

In truth, we do plan on expanding to include a Republic division further down the line, but one guild at a time eh? That's the Mint Imperials way.