Play with PC Gamer: Join our guild in The Old Republic!


PC Gamer currently has the largest guild in The Old Republic --and the game isn't even out yet! BioWare launched a guild website that allows you to create and join guilds, which will carry over to the game when it launches (no pre-order required). And we want YOU! Our prestigious guild, Coconut Monkeys, is sending out the call: join us and together we can rule the galaxy as editor and reader!

Have you had your heart set on being a trooper, Jedi knight/consular or smuggler? Well too bad! We roll hard here at PC Gamer and happily serve the Empire (they have taco Tuesdays in the Galactic cafeteria after all). We need all the able-bodied players we can get and make Coconut Monkeys hit the ground running.

Josh is our benevolent overseer and I, Anthony Valva (Anterran), am his second in-command. Josh will be torturing fools with his lightning powers as a Sith Inquisitor, but I made my decision years ago: I shall be the leader of the Bounty Hunters (you may call me Mandalore the Badass if you wish). I will hunt down and capture anyone who stands in the way of our guild... for the right price. (Ed note: you don't have to roleplay like Anthony here to be in the guild--all are welcome).

Don't worry if you decide to go with the goodie-goodie two-shoes Republic. If I run across you, you'll get a chance to escape. You know, because we're friends.

Need more convincing? 6 of the top 8 Republic guilds are designated for RPing only. I don't know about you, but I don't want weird alien cyber in my guild chat. So join us instead: "Coconut Monkeys, where weird cybering aliens are not allowed to speak in guild chat!"(tm)

Visit our official guild website (complete with forums and all that jazz) to apply.