Play Riot: Civil Unrest a month before release at the PC Gamer Weekender

Riot Civil Unrest

Riot is an upcoming strategy game that takes a gritty, uncompromising look at social strife. You can play as the police or rioters across a number of real-world protests. As the police you wield crowd-control tactics of varying severity against protesters. As the rioters you can command leaders, agitators, rioters and journalists. Crowd charges and retreats must be handled tactically in fraught situations, depicted in a gorgeous pixel-sprite style.

It's an original and fascinating idea for a game. It is is due out in April, but you can see it on March 5-6 at the PC Gamer Weekender, our upcoming live event packed with new and upcoming games (44 and counting). Our two developer stages will host the likes of Paradox and Julian Gollop to show off upcoming games such as Stellaris, and talk in-depth about the industry.

We'll also have a hardware zone full of cutting edge new tech, and a mod-shop where you can learn PC-building techniques. We'll also be running drop-in tournaments where prizes can be won, and we'll be there, too. Join us! Book now to secure your place, save money on the door price and grab a free copy of Dustforce while you're at it.


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