Play Rift for free up to level 20


Picture walking into the grocery store and taking a bite out of every delicious doughnut before choosing which is best for you. That freedom is the idea behind Trion World's new Rift-Lite: a free version of Rift with no time limits. Rift-Lite will unlock access to each faction's first few zones including Freemarch and Silverwood, giving anyone a taste of Rifty goodness before purchase. This isn't the first time we have seen an MMO offer it's first twenty levels for free. Last year, behemoth MMO World of Warcraft unlocked the early part of the game for players to explore and experience before committing to a subscription.

Rift-Lite takes a similar approach. You'll be level capped at twenty, but that's plenty of time to experience rifts, invasions, and of naked-dance parties in the capital city. If you start by the February 14th, you might catch a bouquet at one of the many weddings around Telara as Rift aims for a record number of weddings in-game. That is like the perfect date: free, romantic, and involving video games!

Patch 1.7 also has a number of pvp improvements and additional pve content including a Master Mode for the dungeon Caduceus Rise and a brand new two player Chronicle featuring the River of Souls. Once again, Trion continues to push out more content and more options to help players access and enjoy their game.