Play Master of Orion at the PC Gamer Weekender

Master of Orion 1

Master of Orion is back! Wargaming is resurrecting the space strategy classic and bringing it along to our upcoming live show, the PC Gamer Weekender, running from March 5-6 in the Old Truman Brewery in London. You too can sit down to conquer the stars as a big-headed purple space dude, will you use peaceful means or giant lasers?

Wargaming plans to use the power of modern tech to better realise Master of Orion's sprawling universe. Members of the original development team are consulting and a fresh orchestral score and voice acting will liven up deep space. Before World of Tanks, Wargaming spent a decade making turn-based strategy games, so it's an interesting return to something the company knows and loves. Will it satisfy long-term fans of the series, though?

Master of Orion joins the likes of Superhot, Street Fighter 5, Dark Souls 3, XCOM 2, American Truck Simulator and lots, lots more on our gaming floor. We'll also have two stages hosting talks and demos from some of the world's most exciting developers, tournaments and a hardware zone full of top class PC gaming technology. Oh, we'll be there too, but you don't have to talk to us if you don't want to, I promise.


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