Play Dark Souls 3 at the PC Gamer Weekender

Dark Souls 3 Pursuer 1

On April 12 we'll have a new From Software game to explore, the first on PC since Dark Souls 2. Why wait until then to play when you could sit down with the game a month earlier? On March 5-6 in London's Truman Brewery, we'll be staging the PC Gamer Weekender, a live event with lots of playable unreleased games, developer showcases, competitions and cutting edge hardware.

The third game in the Souls series introduces a new world, seemingly as gloomy and tragic as Lordran and Drangleic. Combat seems to have picked up some of Bloodborne's speediness, but new stances expand your moveset and introduce more tactical complexity. Expect enemies to shift their approaches mid-encounter, and bosses to undergo more dramatic mid-fight transformations.

Hidetaka Miyazaki is back at the helm of a Souls game for the first time since Souls 1. The Souls formula feels quite familiar, but it will still be fascinating to see Miyazaki's magic applied to a Souls game with higher production values. To arrange your own first look, and gain access to the PC Gamer Weekender's huge gaming floor, competitions and stages, head over to the booking page. Tickets even come with a free Steam key, courtesy of Bundle Stars.


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