Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent for free with OnLive

Amnesia 9

OnLive—the subscription service that lets you play a host of games on the cheap, regardless of your hardware—wants to scare their supporters, in the best way possible. They're giving away free copies of Frictional Games' indie-horror gem Amnesia: The Dark Descent , from now until 9pm PST tonight. All you have to do to snag one of the scariest games of all time is register at this link , download the free demo, then enter the promo code "THANKYOU" when it expires.

If you've somehow managed to miss playing this ingeniously-paced thriller (or you've been building up the courage to take a crack at it), now's the perfect time to pick it up. It's one thing to play a game in the dark, headphones on, terrified to move an inch further in fear that you might mess yourself when an invisible demon with a gaping mouth starts chasing you. It's another to be doing those things completely free of charge.