Planetside 2 Beta to begin on Monday (Again)

Okay, so the last time Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley tweeted us into a state of excitement about this... it ended up being delayed. This time though, it's happening for real . Absolutely. Certainly. Probably. Touch wood. Unless anything goes wrong. Which it won't! (But it might.)

But let's be optimistic. Quoth the Smedley: "Looking like it's going to be Monday at 2pm for the start of Beta. still a lot of work to do tomorrow and this weekend but looking good."

Remember, if you got your beta key from PC Gamer, you got a priority access code and so will get into at least one of the first waves - if not be the absolute first person to set foot into the new warzone. If not, you can still sign up for the closed beta on the Planetside 2 site and hopefully not have to wait too long. Keep in mind though that this is actually a beta, not one of those 'we really mean demo' betas, and there's a fair way to go before what you play will be finished, complete, and fully polished.

Here are a few brief tasters of what to expect when you join the battle.