Plague Inc. is getting anti-vaxxers thanks to a petition

Plague Inc., the strategy sim where you create and nurture a pathogen in an attempt to destroy all the pesky humans, is now getting an anti-vaxxer scenario thanks to a petition. 

Ndemic Creations noticed the petition last week, which wanted the developer to add anti-vaxxers as a buff. In Plague Inc. your pathogen has certain traits that makes it more or less effective in different situations and can, during the course of a game, evolve into a more powerful disease. But humanity can take lots of precautions, shutting down airports, giving out inoculations. Anti-vaxxers, then, would be a plague's best pal. 

Instead of just adding a buff, Ndemic said it would add an anti-vaxxer scenario if the petition got to 10,000. It's currently sitting at just over 20,000.

Plague Inc was ported to PC as Plague Inc: Evolved, and hopefully we'll see the anti-vaxxers infecting our version of the game, too. It also supports user-created scenarios, so if we don't get the official one, maybe a diligent modder will work their magic. 

Previous scenarios have tackled other serious issues like Brexit and vampires

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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