Plague Inc: Evolved adds Brexit and vampires in latest update

Infectious disease simulator Plague Inc. has introduced Shadow Plague, a new update which makes surviving the viral pandemic even harder than before. 

"The Shadow Plague is a sentient, mutagenic pathogen which triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host. Can humanity defend itself against a powerful vampire attacking from the shadows?" asks the Steam Community page update. I'm not sure that it can, however the human race—well, those who're based in the UK—might've even more troublesome hardships ahead: how to negotiate Brexit.

You see, beyond the vampyric culture that's evidently surfaced, Shadow Plague adds Brexit events whereby players can "influence whether the UK has a soft, hard or 'brutal' Brexit" and can even opt to keep Britain in the EU. On the vampire front, players can feed, grow and transform into "monstrous" bats so as to "strategically set up lairs and shadow portals."

In order to stay powerful, you'll create worshipping slaves and can use "Blood Rage" to combat vampire-hunting Templars, not to mention the World Health Organisation who surely isn't standing idly by. "Cover the world in darkness," continues the post. "Master unique gameplay mechanics and strategies to help your vampire rule the world!"

NDemic Creations' James Vaughan signs off with the suggestion that this plague is not like anything we've encountered in Plague Inc. before. Which, between phantasma and divisive politics, I think goes without saying.