Plague Inc. Evolved gets head-to-head multiplayer next week

Plague Inc. Evolved

Plague Inc. Evolved

Plague Inc. Evolved is an odd sort of game in which you create a virulent disease, then unleash it upon the world, nurturing it through various adaptations with the ultimate goal of bringing about the end of humankind. We were a little iffy on it in our 2014 Early Access report, but the user reviews on Steam are very positive, and I thought the mobile version (it was originally released for Android and iOS devices in 2012) was quite good. Multiplayer was planned for the PC edition from the get-go, and next week the long-awaited versus mode will finally arrive.

"In VS. mode—the world is unlucky enough to be infected by two deadly plagues who are battling for control of the world," developer Ndemic Creations wrote. "Whoever infects the world first wins but they must also avoid being cured by humanity or prematurely eradicated by the other plague!"

The multiplayer mode will add new evolutions, abilities, and genes that will assist players in their efforts to wipe out the scourge that is humanity. For example, "Immune Shock" will overload the immune systems of people infected with both diseases, enabling a cooperative kill-off of millions, while "Genetic Exposure" will let you help humanity develop a cure—but only for the competing disease. Because there's only room in this world for one ultra-lethal pathogen.

The Plague Inc. Evolved multiplayer update is set to arrive on December 1. Get the details on Steam.

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