Pillars of Eternity 2's final DLC is a dungeon on the flesh of a god, out now

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire's final DLC, called Forgotten Sanctum, is an expansive dungeon set on the flesh of a sleeping god, and it's out now alongside a big, free update that adds 11 new subclasses to the RPG.

The archmage Maura discovered the dungeon and has vanished inside, and the most powerful wizards in the land have asked the Watcher—that's you—to find the archmage before they wake up the sleeping god. Developer Obsidian Entertainment says the DLC has some of the "highest-level challenges" in the game and plenty of decisions to make about the fate of Maura, the god, and the order of wizards.

You can buy it for $10/£7.50 on Steam, or for slightly more on GOG

The subclasses added in the free 4.0 update sound fun: I might jump in and try the Furyshaper, a Barbarian that can manifest their rage in a physical form and inflict it on their enemies. You can read about all the new subclasses in the patch notes—the update also adds two new megabosses and causes some ships to respawn on the high seas after you defeat them, ensuring it's never plain sailing for you and your crew.

If you missed Deadfire's nautical adventures when it came out earlier this year, then you should consider checking it out: it's a huge RPG with excellent writing and a world that's begging to be explored. We gave it one of our highest review scores of the year

Samuel Horti

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