New Phasmophobia ghosts are available today

(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

A major new Phasmophobia update is coming today—probably by the time you read this—at 11 am PT/7 pm BST. On the menu this time is two new ghosts, a new tool, and a visual overhaul for your entire library of ghost-hunting tools.

Dubbed the "Exposition" update, the main attraction here is the new ghosts. First is the Myling, the lost souls of children who wander the earth trying to get anybody to properly bury them. Usually, their ghost status is the result of being murdered by their mothers. Maybe make sure you double check who your clients are before taking the gig.

Next is the Goryo, a Japanese ghost who's typically an aristocrat who's been martyred for their beliefs. These guys are known for summoning vast storms, earthquakes, and destroying crops. It was bad enough when ghosts in Asian pop culture were haunting single homes, but at least the girl from Ringu never killed all your corn.

Thankfully, we'll have a couple new options to defeat and/or flee from these bad spirits. Developer Kinetic Games is adding "sprinting adjustments," which should make it slightly easier to run away when a ghost corners you in a room, or chastise them when they keep turning on the car alarm.

A new DOTS projector tool is also available. It lets you see the silhouettes of ghosts, which should make it a little easier to follow them around once you actually find them.

Perhaps most pleasingly, Phasmophobia's tools are getting a visual upgrade, and in some cases a functionality upgrade. Kinetic Games has released a few images of the updated equipment, including a new parabolic microphone, a box of matches (which might replace the lighter), a new camera, and more. Hopefully the functionality improvements will make some items, like the parabolic microphone, work more reliably.

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