PEGI rating board lists Final Fantasy 6 for PC

Final Fantasy VI

The European ratings board, PEGI, has listed a PC edition of Final Fantasy 6, the best 2D Final Fantasy game, and arguably the best of the whole lot. PEGI reckons the game is suitable for persons aged 12 or over.

A release date of November 26 is listed, but the game isn't out yet. If it is indeed coming to PC, will it be a straightforward port of the original SNES version, or a port of the GBA / Android version that brightened the colours and bleached the personality out of the original sprites?

The PEGI listing cites "non realistic looking violence towards human characters". While not human, this video of Sabin suplexing the ghost train seems applicable. It's moments like this that separate 6 from the rest. Also the member of your party who is a king who can wield a chainsaw.

Via Cinemablend.

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