PCG’s World of Warcraft guild: September update

We caught him for a quick photo sesh before he shot off to 1-man Sargeras.

Each month, Akee will be bringing you updates on the kind of crazy king-slaying japes our brave band of adventurers get up to in the PC Gamer UK World of Warcraft guild. To see what we've been up to this month, read on.


We now have at least 6 seperate 10-man raid teams running each week. Two of them are working on ICC-heroic modes, while another has managed to get Bloodbathed Frostbrood mounts for over a dozen players. The late night raid team still prevents evil bosses from relaxing after normal raid times are over - they can never know when a horde of drunken/sleep deprived PCG'ers will storm their lairs.

After clearing ICC, one of our teams has gone back to Ulduar's 10-man mode to get everyone nice shiny rusty proto drakes . Yogg+1 and Firefighter are still no joke, even with ICC gear.

Team Tryout provides a great place for those newer 80's or players unfamiliar with raiding to get their feet wet - wiping with friends is always more fun than wiping with strangers.

Special mention goes out to those players who have stepped up recently to lead raid groups: Denika-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka, Belara, Slimbutnails, Aphaes, Sarkris and Hyrath among others.

Our 25-man raiding structure has recently changed. We want to provide a platform for some really steady progression, while still giving opportunities to newer raiders to get stuck into the more epic feel of a larger raid. Team Donkey has moved up to kill 8 of the 12 heroic ICC bosses, with Deathwhisper on notice. Team Uber still provides a place for brand new raiders to get involved, and have cleared 8/12 normal.


We recently had a guild raffle that managed to raise over 5000g for the guild bank. Congratulations to Sparqle for his prize of a Mechano-hog mount , and to the other prize-winners too!

The precursor event to the Cataclysm expansion recently hit, so we've had many players run down to south Durotar to help Vol'jin and the trolls ensure Zalazane's fall . Keep it up mon!

Some of our players also went back to Naxxramas recently to complete the Dedicated few achievement. Nothing is quite the same as rofl stomping content you outgear :)

We still get a steady influx of new players - about 30 in the last month. Some of those have already integrated into our raiding teams, while others are leveling up ready for Deathwing's arrival. Hullo to all our newer guildies!


Gratz to Klogaroth who recently became the first guildy to get over 9000 achievement points! The race is on for the second person to reach that milestone with four players over 8000 and closing him down.

Special mention to Nacarat who last month joined a PUG raid to Tempest Keep. At the end of the raid the extremely rare Phoenix Mount dropped, and after Nacarat was lucky enough to win the roll, the mount was ninja'd by the raid organiser. After submitting a ticket to a GM, Nacarat was fortunate enough to get the mount returned to him from the ninja by a Blizzard GM. Kudos to Blizzard for helping our guildy out, and a huge grats to Nacarat on such a cool looking mount!

Finally another mention for Klogaroth for getting his hands on the legendary item Shadowmourne !

This axe is the culmination of a lot of hard work from many players - it's about 18 months since PCG started raiding, and 8 months since we first stepped foot into Icecrown Citadel itself. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the guild in that time - you've all contributed to the long series of events that are required to make the weapon .

Until next month, good luck & have fun.


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