PC Gamer US issue #248: EverQuest Next and Landmark

SOE wants to change the way you play MMOs—by letting you build them. Our newest issue of PC Gamer US features Tyler's hands-on report on how EverQuest Next Landmark's tools work, what you can build with them, and what it all means for EverQuest Next. Plus, print subscribers and print newsstand readers will get exclusive, one-week access to EverQuest Next Landmark's upcoming closed beta!


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Subscribers should already have this issue in-hand. If for whatever reason you aren't subscribed, you can grab a subscription or the single issue on physical and digital newsstands.

Also inside:

  • Exclusive new EverQuest Next info!
  • Previews: Galactic Civilizations 3, Volume, Daylight, and more
  • TEN gaming displays reviewed
  • Playing Half-Life 2 with the Oculus Rift
  • How The Dark Mod steals Thief's crown
  • All the usual suspects: letters, rigs, and everything else