PC Gamer US digs through its archive of old games


The PC Gamer US staff recently packed up desks and moved across the office, which meant it was time to dig into some of the boxes crowding our shelves. We sorted through a treasure trove of old game discs and manuals, finding some great stuff—just about every Star Trek game on PC—and some even better stuff, like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9.

What should we do with these old games? If you want us to play any of the weird gems we dug up, let us know in the comments below. But please, please don't make us install that AP History study guide. We don't want to go back to school.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

Wes has been covering games and hardware for more than 10 years, first at tech sites like The Wirecutter and Tested before joining the PC Gamer team in 2014. Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he'll always jump at the chance to cover emulation and Japanese games.

When he's not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a tangle of conveyor belts in Satisfactory (it's really becoming a problem), he's probably playing a 20-year-old Final Fantasy or some opaque ASCII roguelike. With a focus on writing and editing features, he seeks out personal stories and in-depth histories from the corners of PC gaming and its niche communities. 50% pizza by volume (deep dish, to be specific).