PC Gamer UK February Issue: Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Have you ever walked flat into a screen door? Deus Ex: Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen has, and it exploded . Our sleek new cover captures the moment of unintentional badassery, in recognition of our huge new six-page preview feature. Subscribers should be receiving their issues soon, postman willing, and it'll be on shelves and buyable online from Wednesday. Here's what else is cool.

It's Top 100 season. The PC Gamer collective got together and did science on their opinions, and the resulting list produced the best 100 PC games of all time. Last year was the first time an independent game has been PC Gamer UK's best game of the year, and almost all of our selections looked very different to previous votes.

We've also got our definitive review of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm , the expansion that has ripped up the most popular virtual world in gaming to make it better. Plus filthy details of CD Projekt's forthcoming RPG The Witcher 2 - it's a little classier than its predecessor, but also more explicit. And we have a huge preview of standalone expansion Dawn of War 2: Retribution , including details of the Chaos Space Marine and Imperial Guard campaigns.

There's loads more, including our review of Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam , previews of Dungeon Siege 3 , Dungeons and The Old Republic , plus the best indie game you've never heard of.

You can grab the issue online, postage free, here from Wednesday. If you want it sooner, and regularly, and cheaper, and with a sexier cover, and you like us, you should subscribe here .