PC Gamer readers choose to wait on installing Windows 11 and we don't blame them

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Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 11, is here, and any existing Windows 10 user can make the upgrade. Of course, with the launch of any new OS, especially a Microsoft one, there's always a natural response to err on the side of caution before committing to upgrade or simply waiting it out until you have no choice. And that's just what PC Gamer readers are rightly doing. 

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We like most of the UI changes in Windows 11 but the rushed launch has us scratching our heads at other changes, like the lack of ability to move the taskbar or the weirdly high system requirements. Right now, we recommend that most people should wait until at least the spring, right around Windows 11's first major update, to upgrade their current OS.

That being said, we were curious and took to Twitter and Facebook to ask PC Gamer readers whether they were a Yes, No, or Not Yet on upgrading to Windows 11. 25,000 votes later, and it turns out many of our readers are playing it safe. On Twitter, that's 41% of you voting 'Not Yet' on upgrading and a whopping 36% voting flat out 'No.'

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From the replies, folks have valid concerns about running into bugs as serious as memory leaks to lowered connection speeds. If you have a second PC that you're not too worried about potentially busting, you could give Windows 11 an install, which has been the approach some of us on staff have been doing.  

A similar sentiment was shared on our Facebook page as well. Though it had less of a voter turnout, I'm pretty sure that big outage was to blame. The 'Not Yet' and 'No' voters ran away with it, with only 889 of the over 4,000 voters saying 'Yes' to upgrading today. According to some of the comments, the system requirements, such as Windows 11's TPM 2.0 requirement, is what's keeping people away. 

If you're still interested, Windows 11 is out and free to upgrade if you're an existing Windows 10 user. If you need a hand, we can walk you through the install right here. You do have a 10-day grace period to roll back to Windows 10 if you decide Windows 11 isn't working for you. 

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