PC Gamer presents: Indie Games – The Ultimate Guide 2016

From the ginormous, randomly generated playground of No Man's Sky, to the short form experimental platformer Pony Island; our indie game special is packed full of weird, interesting and unbelievably entertaining stuff. We've collected PC Gamer's finest coverage of the indie scene, and packed it into a 146 page celebration of creativity. We'll also save you money, with our list of the best free games you can try right now.

You can order the print edition of PC Gamer presents: Indie Games – The Ultimate Guide 2016 from My Favourite Magazines, or get it digitally from iTunes. An edition for Zinio will be available soon.

Here's what's inside:

  • A massive No Man's Sky hands-on feature
  • Previews of the best upcoming indie games, including Frozen Synapse 2, Tacoma, Yooka-Laylee and Mount & Blade II
  • Our run down of the top 50 free games
  • The making of Stardew Valley
  • How modders are keeping Doom alive
  • Diaries, retrospectives and anecdotes in our bumper Extra Life special
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