PC Gamer is hiring a social video editor in the UK

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I am one of those people whose bedtime ritual has become deeply reliant on at least an hour of scrolling through whatever TikToks, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts the algorithm has decided to feed me that night. I know I'm not the only one, and if you're someone who enjoys making these bite-size videos as much as we enjoy watching them, then you should consider becoming our new social video editor here in the UK.

It's the perfect position for anyone who loves games as much as we do, and with the skills to transform the coolest things we cover from the written word to motion picture. You'll be a part of our ever-evolving Future Studios team in London or Bath, working closely with all of us here at PC Gamer as well as the lovely folk over at our sister site GamesRadar+, creating a variety of short-form content to ensure we can reach even more people. We're looking to educate, entertain and engage fellow gamers all over the globe, and you'll be at the heart of helping us achieve that.


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We're looking for someone who's comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, capable of managing multiple project edits simultaneously. Experience specifically in creating videos for places like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram is especially useful, plus an understanding of how to tailor our content to each specific platform and their audiences. We especially appreciate those who are a dab hand with all aspects of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, including grading, audio mixing and throwing in a few graphics to really zhush things up.

When you join PC Gamer and our parent company Future, you're also privy to a few lovely benefits. We offer unlimited time off, plus the opportunity for a profit pool bonus that's shared among the staff at the end of each financial year. There's an ever-increasing number of training opportunities too, if you're looking to further broaden your skill set or hone your existing tools. 

If this is all sounding like a bit of you, you can check out further details and apply from the link below. Reminder that it's an office-based role in the wonderful United Kingdom, so apologies if you're on the other side of the world with no plans to uproot your life anytime soon:

Mollie Taylor
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