PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 12: Tropes, tropes everywhere!

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Another week, another episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! This week, we've brought in senior editor Robin Valentine to chat all about our favourite (and least favourite) level tropes.

You know the ones: The classic water level, the weird stealth level that doesn't belong in the ultra-violent action game, the bizarre segments that plonk you on a turret and force you to down hundreds of goons with infinite bullets. They're everywhere in games, and we've all slogged through our fair share of stereotypical game design. Why do games default to these often out-of-place levels? Why are tailing missions so goddamn boring? Why do we still kinda love them anyway?

We discuss some of the most common videogame level tropes, which ones we really love and the ones we really, really don't. We seem to generate a half-official tier list every time we do one of these, and this episode is no different. Which level tropes can we stomach for games to come, and which ones deserve to go straight in the bin? Does a good escort mission exist? Tune in to find out.

Like always, Lauren and I take a bit of time at the start of the podcast to chat about what we're up to. Has Lauren finally bought a train ticket to Honk(ai) on a Star Rail? Am I playing anything other than Tekken 7 right now? Don't kid yourself, everyone. I'm definitely playing Tekken 7.

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Mollie Taylor
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