Pay a visit to Japan's towering death spikes in Microsoft Flight Simulator

(Image credit: Microsoft)

We've seen a lot of startling sights in Microsoft Flight Simulator, from massive obelisk-like apartment buildings looming over Australia to disturbing, reality-bending sinkholes burrowing deep into the Earth's crust in Brazil.

Well, add Japan to your oddity tour because it's home to several massive, towering spikes. My plane is close to the camera in the image above, which throws off the scale a little, but the gif below should give you a sense of just how towering and spiky those towering death spikes really are.

It's also interesting to note the spikes seem to be formed partly of earth and stone, yet partly of building. There's definitely a high-rise structure merged in with that towering death spike. There are even bits of bushes and trees popping out here and there on the shorter of the two spikes. It's as if man-made structures and natural rock formations have joined forces to point giant, sharp, accusatory fingers at the sky.

Want to visit them yourself? Going off clues in this post from UnstableMisanthrope on Reddit, I found a nearby airport, RJFS Saga. From there, take off and fly west across the water until you spot the SIOTA marking on your VFR map. By then, you'll easily be able to spot the enormous death spikes jutting from the ground.

(Image credit: Microsoft)
Christopher Livingston
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