Patriot raises speed ceiling of Viper 4 and Viper Elite DDR4 to 3,733MHz

Patriot Memory is puffing its chest today over reaching a new frequency for its top-end DDR4 RAM kits. Specifically, it's Viper 4 and Viper Elite DDR4 lines are both now available in 3,733MHz dual-channel kits.

That's the highest frequency Patriot offers on any of its RAM kits, though if you're going for an overclocking record, there are faster clocked memory options out there. G.Skill, for example, offers several higher frequency memory kits, including an 8GB Trident-Z kit rated at 4,266MHz.

For everyone else, including gamers, a 3,733MHz kit is more than fast enough. Going any higher won't really yield any real-world performance gains in most situations so there's no need to get carried away here.

Both the Viper 4 and Viper Elite kits come in 16GB capacities (2x8GB) with tested timings of 17-19-19-39 and require 1.35V. If it matters, the Viper Elite's heatspreader has flashier graphics and an overall more aggressive design.

While these kits should work in any DDR4 motherboard, Patriot says they're specifically intended for Intel's X99 and 100 series platforms.

The Viper 4 and Viper Elite 16GB DDR4-3733 memory kits will be available August 3 for $160 (Patriot's website currently lists them each at $150).

Paul Lilly

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