Path of Shadows: a free student-made stealth game, now available to download

Having ultimate control over the shadows sounds awesome, but in real life there aren't many practical applications to such a power. Yes, you could mess with sundial owners, but other than that? Pretty limited. In video games, it's a different matter. Just take the resurrected warrior from Path of Shadows , a student-made indie stealth game that is now available as a free download.

As the title suggests, all your sneaky powers are derived from shadows. You can teleport between shadows, create new shadows, and hide bodies in evil shadow goo. I've played a snippet of the first level, and there's a competent stealth game here, with some cool ways to hunt and dispatch the patrolling guards.

Path of Shadows is out now. Head over to the game's website to download it, and learn about the five-strong student team that were behind it.

Phil Savage

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