Paragon patch introduces GRIM.exe, rejigs support

GRIM.exe—unfathomably pronounced 'Grimex'—is the latest hero to join Paragon's roster of sociopaths. He's a robotic ranger with sickening critical damage to snipe high-value targets, assuming you have the skills to hit them.

GRIM.exe looks like the tricky sort to hit himself. If timed right, the Deflector Shield skill will shrug off incoming spells—including ultimates. If you sneer at puny magic and opt to apply something sharp or heavy, GRIM.exe can send you flying with Displacement Blast. And if that wasn't nuisance enough, enabling Suppression Mode allows GRIM to slow anything he hits.

Finally, the fittingly initialled Gyro-Targeted Force Orb is a good old-fashioned homing missile. Good luck escaping this one.

In addition to the homicidal robot, the patch gives support heroes a balance pass, improves the UI to make Paragon look slightly less Early Access than it is, and retools the cost of card packs. Basic packs are down 500 Reputation to 10,000, while new weekly packs guarantee three cards at a cost of 15,000 Rep. Those cards rotate each week, starting with Seek and Destroy, Merciless, and Bloodsoaked Armor.

Full patch notes here—happy hunting.