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Paradox will reveal new grand strategy game in October

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Paradox Interactive will unveil a new grand strategy game at PDXCON in October—but it won't be Victoria 3.

In a teaser video released today, Paradox didn't hint at whether the game will be the start of a new series or a continuation of an existing one, such as Crusader Kings.

It might well be the secret game that Martin Anward, formerly director of Stellaris, announced he was moving onto in December (opens in new tab). A lot of fans were hoping he was working on Victoria 3: that could still be the case, but the Paradox team said whatever it reveals in October won't be the next game in the 19th century-themed series.

Whatever it is, we're excited to play it. Paradox's latest grand strategy Imperator: Rome, released last month, is brilliant, and you can read Fraser's review here (opens in new tab).

PDXCON takes place on October 19 and 20 in Berlin. What would you like to see Paradox announce?

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