Stellaris director is moving on to a new 'secret project' at Paradox

The Stellaris: Megacorp expansion came out a week ago and Fraser seemed to like it quite a bit, if you can call being appalled by the bottomless depths of your own rapacious corporate excesses "liking it," and I guess he does. Anyway, it turns out that it will be game director Martin Anward's last bit of work on the game, as he announced yesterday that he's moving on to something else.

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The good news is that he's leaving Stellaris, but not Paradox. "This move has been planned since a long time back, and I am still very much staying at Paradox Development Studio as a Game Director, I am just moving over to another, secret project," he wrote on Twitter. "I will continue to host the Stellaris dev-clash streams until at least the end of the current season, and I'm sure you'll continue seeing more from me on other streams and Paradox events." 

Anward gave no hint as to what he's moving on to (unless it's something so cryptic and deeply buried that only the most hardcore of Paradox fans might pick on up it), nor did Paradox itself, although responses to this tweet indicate that quite a few fans are hoping for a Victoria 3 announcement.  

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Andy Chalk

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