Overwatch's Sombra gets modded into Street Fighter 5

Following Mei's cameo appearance in Capcom's flagship fighting series earlier this year, Sombra is the latest Overwatch character to be modded into Street Fighter 5. Courtesy of YouTube person THEJAMK, the rapid-firing Mexican hacker features as a re-skinned version of the base game's Jiu-Jitsu specialist Laura. 

It looks great in practice, and of THEJAMK's pretty extensive Overwatch-to-Street Fighter mod catalogue, this one is perhaps the most fitting as a result of the two character's similar-ish hairdoos. Here's a look at two Sombras going head-to-head. 

"Well, I think it was obvious this Mod," says the mod's creator in the video description. "The colors are not exactly the same as the original because I wanted the alternative colors to work."

Besides R. Mika as Mei, other examples of THEJAMK's switchovers include Zangief as Reinhardt, Karin as D.Va. and Birdie as Roadhog. Which of course begs the question: who would you like to see crossover next?