Overwatch video shows the turret-placing Symmetra


Blizzard is pumping out Overwatch videos at an alarming rate. Today it's the turn of Symmetra, a turret-placing support character that bears more than a little resemblance to TF2's Engineer. In skills, that is. Not appearance.

If you've been keeping up with these previews, you'll recognise this as the same match that featured the 25-kill-streak run of a rampaging Tracer.

Symmetra wields a beam weapon that does more damage the longer it's attached to an enemy. She can also fire out slow but powerful balls of energy. Those turrets can slow enemies, and she can also buff allies with a shield that reduces damage. Her ultimate is a teleporter.

I'm unsure about this one. Symmetra's weapon looks less immediate and satisfying than those of previous characters. She's clearly quite mobile, though, which is a key difference between her and the Engineer, in his default loadout at least.

Despite the number of recent videos, we're still a ways off Overwatch's beta, which is due to start this autumn.

Phil Savage

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