Overwatch Open pro tournament puts $300,000 up for grabs

The Overwatch pro scene took a big step forward today with the announcement of the Overwatch Open, a new tournament being held by Eleague and Faceit. Players from North America and Europe will do battle for their share of a $300,000 prize pool, including $100,000 for the grand prize winner, making it the most lucrative Overwatch tourney to date. 

The tournament begins July 23—and yes, that's tomorrow, not a lot of notice on this one—with online rounds in North America and Europe, which will culminate in playoffs set for August 26-28. From there, the top eight teams in each region will advance to the Regional Finals, scheduled for September 25-26 in North America, and September 28-29 in Europe. The winner of each Regional will move to the Grand Final, to be held at the ELeague arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 30. 

The top team will take home $100,000, while the Grand Final runner-up will claim a nothing-to-sneeze-at $32,000. The second-place team in each Regional will earn $24,000, while third and fourth place are worth $18,000, and the fifth through eighth-place finishers will each get $6000. 

The Overwatch Open Regional and Grand Finals will be livestreamed on Twitch, and the Grand Finals will also be broadcast live on TBS. Signup links and other relevants details are available at overwatchopen.com.

Andy Chalk

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