Overwatch League Stats Lab breaks down all the pro stats for you

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch League stats producer Ben Trautman has released a tool that will let you dig into the minutiae of Overwatch's pro players, finding out everything from their win rate in specific modes to how many critical hit kills they got last season. Basically, you're going to be drowning in stats. 

The Overwatch League Stats Lab uses the same tools Trautman uses to give viewers that stats they hunger for, but he says this version is a bit more user friendly. It's split into player, hero, matches and teamfight categories, so you can find the stats for specific clashes and find records for your favourite maps. 

To get you started rooting around for information, Trautman has put together a bunch of step-by-step tutorial videos, walking you through each category. 

So what's all this good for, then? Well, if you're planning on building a cyborg designed to dominate at Overwatch, it might come in handy to have all the important stats of all the top players in the world. You can't go and do some mad science without data. There are probably other reasons too, but I'm pretty fixated on this cyborg idea. 

You can download the Stats Lab beta now. 

Fraser Brown
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