Overwatch heroes get googly eyes for April Fools' Day

(Image credit: Blizzard)

This feels like one of those features that players end up requesting as the norm beyond April 1. Overwatch heroes are currently supporting big wobbly googly eyes thanks to a quiet update Blizzard slipped out for April Fools' day.

I'm not sure there are any character designs that couldn't be improved with the addition of googly eyes. I'd like to see them added to every enemy in Diablo 3 pronto, if it's not too much trouble. You can see the the new looks in Overwatch's play of the game highlights and emotes.

The best part of the update is Hanzo's dragon projectile ultimate ability, which also sports googly eyes. You can enjoy a laugh before the twin dragons gobble you up.

Most developers have avoided putting out April Fools' gags this year, which is a show of good sense given the times we're in. This is a really well judged bit of fun though. Nice work, Blizzard. Check out some of the new designs below.

Tom Senior

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