Overwatch has a new Tokyo-inspired map and Hanzo challenge

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Blizzard released a new free-for-all map for Overwatch on Tuesday, Kanezaka, which comes with its own challenge and cosmetic rewards. The Kanezaka challenge (opens in new tab) runs from January 12 - 25, with an icon, spray, and the Hanzo skin being rewarded for winning three, six, and nine games respectively. The games can be won across various Overwatch modes—Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade.

There are some extra trinkets in the form of Twitch drops, too. Tuning into Overwatch streamers throughout the challenge period will net you a bunch of sprays. Watching streams for two hours will net you one, four hours will give you an extra two and six hours watched will add a further three sprays to your collection. I suppose if you're already in the habit of watching Overwatch streamers that's a bonus but, if not, who cares about sprays that much. Or at all?

Kanezaka draws inspiration from Tokyo, Japan, and in Overwatch's world is a stone's throw from existing map Hanamura. Jeff Kaplan revealed in a December developer diary that there are "some Easter eggs" that will hint towards future Overwatch 2 lore, particularly in regards to Hanzo and Genji. Blizzard is currently working on the Overwatch sequel, and Kaplan's said there will be more details at February's online Blizzcon event. You can check out our rundown of everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far here. (opens in new tab)

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