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Overwatch appears on the launcher and gets new hero

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Blizzard's online multiplayer FPS Overwatch has, very suddenly and without warning, appeared on the launcher. That doesn't necessarily mean anything—but it could indicate that the beta, which is expected sometime this year, may soon get underway. Of course, "soon", especially where Blizzard is concerned, is an unspecific concept that could mean next week, or next month—next year is probably pushing it, but you know what I mean. In any event, the important thing is that the wheels are turning.

To get in on the 'action', log into, then go into your account settings and enable the opt-in for betas, or hit this link to be taken there directly. Opting in doesn't guarantee access, but it gets your name in the hat, which for the moment is the only way forward.

Blizzard also introduced a new Overwatch hero today named Lúcio, "an international celebrity who uses his music to change the world for the better." That sounds very uplifting and altruistic, but what it means in practical terms is that he carries a gun that shoots "sonic projectiles," makes use of the Crossfade ability to boost his speed or regenerate health, can increase the effect of his songs with Amp It Up, and uses the Sound Barrier ultimate ability to provide protective shields for himself and nearby allies. He also whizzes around on energy skates, very reminiscent of Slash from Quake 3.

I've emailed Blizzard to find out more about the addition of Overwatch to the launcher and will let you know what we hear.