Overeager Starfield fans are collaging starships with trailer cutouts and photoshop

Starfield astronaut and spaceship
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The latest trend among Starfield hopefuls appears to be ship kitbashing, as one very determined fan is passing the time by carving out ship parts from trailer footage and reassembling them in photoshop.

In this thread, user __ass writes: "I separated each individual module from screenshots to put together this ship," which they have lovingly christened the "__Ass Fleet Ranger". It's a pretty convincing fake all told, one that had me double-taking and wondering if Bethesda had released a ship builder early.

An image of a custom Starfield ship, pieced together with trailer snippets.

(Image credit: Bethesda / User __ass on Reddit.)

The same user has also strapped together a mini fleet of vessels, as well as the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

The response to these nifty constructions has been pretty positive, with user sinjiitachimora commenting: "I wish we had a ship builder to mess around with until September, but these posts are getting me by, fantastic work." 

Granted, Todd Howard did reveal that ship building is a late-game activity in a podcast with Kinda Funny Games a couple of weeks ago, so there wouldn't be much point in getting your ship all set up, then waiting thirty to fifty hours to import it. 

There's also been a character creator prototype, assembled using blurry screenshots from Starfield's pre-release content. Flicking through it, makes me feel like I've hacked into a half-finished web browser MMO from the early 2000s—and in its current state it's pretty pointless, if charming.

It seems like the wait for Bethesda's latest space RPG is getting a little long for its fans, who've been devouring its pre-release content to the point where they're starting to obsess over spoons. Starfield's set to release on September 6, though I hope for their sake—and ours—that it isn't delayed.

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