Our readers share their craziest (and stupidest) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stories

Last weekend we asked for you to share your craziest stories from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Surprisingly, few of the best stories had anything to do with people winning. Instead the comments section quickly filled with hilarious tales of strategies gone wrong, absurd shenanigans gone right, and the overall kind of insanity that we'd expect from our readers. And if you missed the opportunity to share your story last week, feel free to add yours to the comments below.

Enjoy our selection of your best stories from Battlegrounds.

Naked Snake 

I have a pretty tough time getting second place in Battlegrounds fully equipped, so the fact that an entire squad somehow managed to pull it off completely naked is very upsetting to me. But Anthony comes with video evidence to support his wild story and it's definitely worth a watch—especially the final few minutes.

Commenter: Anthony Lake

So me and my mates were bored so we made up this amazing challenge.

No guns. No armour. No clothes. And we came second.

Check it out on our YouTube:

Jumping on a grenade 

Battlegrounds leaves little room for friendship unless you're playing with a squad. It's directly against the rules to ally with players while solo queuing. But Charlie Parson's story about the kindness of one stranger is just too cute. It's a 'fate will bring us together' type romance like Sleepless in Seattle or Serendipity, but with guns.

Commenter: Charlie Parsons

I started playing PUBG about the second week after it was released. In one of my early games I was playing solo, and I never realised that you could toggle your in-game microphone back then, so I played this game while talking out loud to myself. About halfway through the game I came to the four houses along the road leading to Saverny. As soon as I got close to the houses I was under heavy gunfire. 

From the sudden scare, I ran into a house and was in a standoff between me and another player who also had his game chat toggled on. After releasing all our ammunition onto each other, I called out and asked if we can stop killing each other and meet each other at the end of the game to see who wins if we still get to the finish. Remarkably I was able to get down to the last two players alive out of all 100 players who desperately tried to win. And funny enough, it really was me and the player I ran into before. We were the only ones left laying down in a field of wheat hiding from each other. 

Not knowing we had run into each other again, I spoke out and said "If you're the enemy from earlier, stand up." And so he did. He stood up and said, "Eh, you can win, I'm good for second place." After saying that I was ready to blow him away with my Scar-L but before I could he grabbed his last grenade and threw it below his own feet, and blew himself up, giving me my first ever Chicken dinner and a bounty of 1000 points. This was my first-ever win and it was one of the very rare experiences I've had in a game to come across another player who is as kind and not cold-hearted as I am. If I ever play a game with him again I will surely return the favor. I hope he sees this message, thank you.

Here comes the cavalry 

I never play in a squad with strangers because I'd rather not risk them being terrible, but this story restores my faith. Just when you think it's all over, a stranger can come flying out of nowhere and save your life.

Commenter: CitricBloodBath

Me and a random were playing duos, and we were down to about eight people left. We were in a house hiding out and waiting for the circle move to what ended up being the last circle of the game. We luckily had good rifles and I had a 4x scope. We popped off at least two just from shooting out the window. We were getting pretty excited about being this close to the end of the game, and I guess we both lost a little focus. The blue circle was fairly close behind the house, we didn't realize it was beginning to move. It was basically right on top of us when I noticed, and I was able to jump off the second story and run. 

My teammate, however, decided to take the long way down the stairs. I really don't know how he survived through the death wall, but I got to the white circle and instantly noticed two guys proning near a tree. I glanced at the player number. FOUR. It was just us! I take aim and, stupid me, emptied an entire clip into one of them with an UMP and a 2x scope. He went down, but his friend quickly hid behind the tree. I started to reload, but there was no cover. "Well, I'm dead." The opponent stepped out from behind the tree as I hear the explosion from a buggy being boosted. The opponent takes a couple shots at me but starts shooting over my shoulder. I prone and look behind me for my teammate. 

My squadmate had gotten a vehicle from near the house and flew by me, boosting the whole way and laughing maniacally. He hit a rock and half side flipped right onto the guy, crushing him with the side of the buggy. Up pops the Chicken Dinner. It was my first win in duo, and his first win at all, and we starting cheering and I'm pretty sure he was tearing up. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could have almost sworn I heard patriotic music playing in the background. We didn't add each other, and I haven't seen him again. One day, JavatheButt, we will meet again.

Do a barrel roll 

Much has been said about Battlegrounds' hilariously awful car physics. But, man, these videos never cease to make me laugh.

Commenter: Kilborn

Driving in this game has some problems, I have no idea how to describe this but things go bad very quickly for us.

Winner, winner, potato dinner 

Someone get this guy a medal.

Commenter: KadooblerEnchilada

I won a duo game with a mate playing on a Macbook Pro with around 10fps. He even got the winning kill, top that!

Beep, beep, I'm a jeep

A car horn can communicate a lot of things like, "Hey, watch where you're going" or "Hold still while I mercilessly murder this person for you." This story has a little bit of both.

Commenter: Ryan Harvey

I was playing solo and driving a jeep to my next looting spot. Suddenly another driver, also in a jeep pulled in front of me on the road. I rammed his car, preparing for a fight. Instead of hopping out, the player stopped their car for a moment and honked. I honked back. He started driving and I followed, honking back and forth. After driving for some time, we went our separate ways. I was driving near a field some time later when I suddenly came under fire. I jumped from the car to shoot back but was hit badly in the process. Suddenly I hear a vehicle pulling up near me. It's the jeep guy. Despite having a clear and unobstructed view of me, he accelerates and barrels across the field, crushing my assailant and honking his horn the whole time. I jump back in my jeep and drive to him as he loots the body. We look at each other for a moment, I give him a honk of thanks, and we part ways for good. I don't know what became of him in the end but it was nice to see some humanity out on the battlegrounds.

Beep, beep, grenade in the jeep 

But not every story about jeeps is wholesome.

Commenter: Legios

A story about a squad game.

About an epic car chase, how our jeep got stolen with two squad members inside and the glorious sacrifice of a team member.

It's a touching story about love, teamwork, hardship, and tons of laughs.

Dr. Disrespect 

We've all had a bad game or two in our lifetime. You know, the kind of match where you screw up and feel your face flush with shame. Well, if I was the victim in Randy's story, I'd probably be a few weeks before I mustered up the courage to play again.

Commenter: Randy

Today, I'm here to regale you with a tale of utmost disrespect. Imagine, for a second, your average Mylta Power plane route. If you put in the pumps, you can make it to the radio tower on the hill of the island. I land, I looted, and I found nothing more potent than a new set of gloves. Determined to make something out of the run, I decided to run west down the hill towards gunshots. I see this man, armed with a scar and a pump shotgun, and decide it's time for some sick strats.

This man had no aim. And I mean that, no aim. He must have been new, and the Arma-style controls didn't click with him. Every shot he took missed and he didn't seem to know he could swap to full auto. I take advantage of that and zig-zag to the nearest building, but alas, no guns. Only a backpack. Not entirely clueless, the man had ascended a nearby guard tower, and I sat and watched him from behind a wall. Eventually, he descends, and I wait for him to head towards me and, immediately, the disrespect begins. He has his pump out, trying to hit me as I circle him. Finally, five shots are down, and he starts walking away from me while reloading. I take the opportunity to run at him full force and superman punch the poor man's skull. Blood on my hands and the biggest grin on my face, I take the loot he didn't deserve to have. Then I subsequently get shot trying to cross the bridge near Mylta. There is no doubt in my mind that if that was this guy's first round, he immediately uninstalled and refunded the game.

These were just a few of the great stories our commenters told us. For the rest, be sure to check out the comment thread from last week.

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