Origin PC found a way to dress up the backside of a motherboard

(Image credit: Origin PC)

Boutique builder Origin PC is offering buyers a new cooling option called Cryo Core. This is described as an "internal liquid cooling distribution motherboard mount," which is a fancy way of saying it's an acrylic slab that installs on the backside of the motherboard tray.

Origin PC is offering this as an option on both its Millennium and Genesis gaming desktops.

"If a system is customized with dual tempered glass panels, the laser etched Origin 'O' logo, RGB lighting, and flow meter can be made visible on the opposite side of the motherboard. Combined with a Corsair Hydro X Series custom cooling system, one can maximize their desktop aesthetics and cooling performance," Origin PC says.

(Image credit: Origin PC)

I've only seen pictures of the Cryo Core, but it certainly looks cool. In my experience, Origin PC has typically done a good job at cleaning up the backside of the motherboard tray, which is often used as a roadway for cables. Even so, I like the aesthetic.

It's not clear how much it costs because the option is not yet showing up on the Millennium or Genesis product pages. It won't be cheap, though. Depending on the configuration (such as soft or hard tubing), the Corsair Hydro X cooling option runs from $362 to $857. [EDIT: Origin PC reached out to say the Cryo Core config has a starting price of $348, and can "increase slightly" depending on the system the user buys (SLI GPUs, etc.). I'm also told it will be available today.]

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